Estate / Trust / Divorce / Bankruptcy
We provide defensible appraisals with confidentiality. Attorneys, accountants and executors/estate trustees rely on our retrospective and/or date of death appraisals and expert testimony services.
Our estate appraisals help with IRS reporting requirements, assets valuation and determining capital gains. 
Divorce parties depend on us for a fair and accurate assessment of value.
All our appraisals meet your specifications and the 
Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). 

Cash Buyers / Family Sales / Partial Interest Sales
All our experienced appraisers can provide a comprehensive appraisal to protect your investment.
We eliminate the guess work from your purchasing decision.

Our asset valuations allow you to make an informed listing decision.
Our market trend data helps with a listing time and price. ‚Äč

Mortgage Origination / Refinance / Home Equity Loans
Our firm provides lenders with dependable accurate results while maintaining a neutral valuation perspective. 
Inspections scheduled within 24 hours after appraisal request is received. Confirmation of inspection appointment.
Our turn time is 24 hours from date of inspection. 
All appraisals meet USPAP requirements.
Change requests are delivered within the same business day.